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Need something in wood?

Have you found that quality woodworker to create the kitchen or bath cabinetry, dining set, or bowl you always wanted? Vermont WoodNet members have the skills and experience to create a vast array of wood products out of high quality, sustainably produced Vermont hardwoods. Our members include fine furniture and cabinet makers, educators, foresters, loggers, sawyers, and wood turners. If you need something involving wood, our membership can skillfully meet your needs. Vermont WoodNet is here to help !

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Vermont WoodNet addresses the needs of the Vermont woodworking community by maintaining a network of communications, creating and sponsoring educational programs, workshops and symposiums, providing FSC® certification assistance, and generally expanding opportunities for all those involved in the creation of “Vermont Made” products. One of our primary goals is the sustainability of forest resources, and the maintenance of a healthy environment.

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From rough lumber to finished goods, woodworking inspires people all over the world but especially in Vermont where we have beautifully managed forests.
Consider Vermont WoodNet a resource between all stages of wood production, forest management, and environmental prudence guiding our members into the future to be good stewards within the woodworking community.
By contributing and working together Vermont Woodnet.org can be a valuable asset to our Vermont comunity and a model for others.