Vermont WoodNet began in 1999. Our goal was to bring together Vermont based wood organizations through networking and education along with increasing awareness and respect for the environment. Through these cooperative efforts Vermont WoodNet strives to promote the Vermont woodworking industry and to enhance opportunities for our members.?

Since that time we opened, operated for three years, and then closed a retail outlet in Stowe. From the beginning, Vermont WoodNet has been mostly a volunteer organization in an effort to keep membership dues affordable for all, offering different levels of membership.

After a great deal of planning and finally execution, we did receive a 501c3 federal tax exempt status as an education tax exempt organization.

We have sponsored the cabinet building competition of SKILLS USA, under the auspices of Association of General Contractors. This statewide/national effort is our attempt to help ensure an upcoming generation of skilled woodworkers right here in Vermont.

There is a statewide organization of woodworking organizations called the Vermont Wood Products Marketing Council. Vermont WoodNet is a charter member. It’s mission is to support the statewide marketing of wood products and is the owner of the wood products brand. We will continue to participate and to help ensure the success of our industry through energetic support of this organization.

Our mission today is still as it was at the beginning, to network and educate. Vermont is a small state, with perhaps the highest number of woodworkers per capita than any other state. We have many highly skilled craftspeople that need a voice and a means to communicate their skills and educate the world market of their existence and capabilities.

Our Mission Statement

The primary mission and purpose of Vermont WoodNet is to address the needs of the Vermont woodworking community and all those in it, professional, amateur and academic, WoodNet members and non-WoodNet members, by maintaining a network of communications, creating and sponsoring educational programs, workshops and symposiums, providing FSC group certification,and generally expanding opportunities and effectiveness for all those involved in the creation of “Vermont Made” products, the sustainability of forest resources, and the maintenance of a healthy environment.

Board of Directors


469 Lime Kiln Rd,

South Burlington, VT 05403

phone # 802-862-5642

Email: Info@vtwoodnet.org